Can I have this, please?

Yes, this is a post in English cause I’m being very indecisive about my blog, and the language and just everything + I felt like writing in English. So English it is! (:

A friend of mine showed me this amazing webshop today and I like about everything they sell so I’m going to show you my favourite stuff! The webshop is

Kitty Cat Loafer – $52

I love these! They are super cute with the cat face on it, but not too BAM! IN YOUR FACE cute. I think they can really turn a simple outfit into something unique!

Colorblock Roller Skates – $124

These are way to expensive for me, and I probably wouldn’t use them. But imagine riding around town on these, isn’t that awesome? Well actually, maybe they are just too beautiful to use, they would also look well as decoration in your room.

Kiel Mead Forget Me Knot Ring – $48

I never wear rings, but I would definitely make an exception for this ring. Look how gorgeous it is!

Baggu Sailor Striped Backpack – $38

I’ve actually been looking for a nice small backpack for quite a long time and I really like this one!

Little Red Riding Hood Tights – $30

I would say $30 is a bit expensive for tights, but if I had the money, these tights would be amazing for around Christmas! (I heard that it’s only 99 days till Christmas today!)

Free Bird Hair Clip – $9

You know that thing where you want to do something cool with your hair, but you have very little time. This hair clip would do the trick!

Magic Unicorn Mask – $40

Last but not least something funny I found in the store. This Magic Unicorn Mask! Wouldn’t this be the perfect mask for an halloween outfit? It’s a shame we don’t celebrate halloween here in The Netherlands, it would be so cool to look for awesome costumes and everything.

These are my favourite things from I’m hoping to buy something of this list soon, but since I’ll be  spending all my money on concert tickets the next months I don’t think I will. Maybe I need to find a job soon!


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