OUTFIT #12 – Under The Westway

This is what I wore to school about a week ago. The top is actually a dress, but I tucked it in my shorts to make it into a top. The pictures aren’t spectacular (some are very blurry), that’s because this was my first try on making pictures with the self-timer on my new camera. I wore creepers with this outfit, I really really love creepers and I finally bought them in England this vacation.

Creepers is actually a weird name, isn’t it? A friend of mine started laughing when I referred to them as creepers, and I must say she has a point, the name is indeed a bit weird. Still awesome shoes though. (:

And here some blurry pictures. It does fit very well with the title of this outfit post; Under the Westway is a song by the band Blur. (you see what I did there?)


2 reacties to “OUTFIT #12 – Under The Westway”

  1. Gaaf! Ik vind het alleen nooit zo mooi als dat donkere deel van een panty onder een short uitkomt, het is altijd zo storend naar mijn mening.

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