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oktober 29, 2012

MUSIC: Radiohead

Dan Howell posted a list with his favourite Radiohead songs the other day and I thought it was about time that I started listening to Radiohead. Another friend of mine told me she liked their album OK Computer best, so that’s now in my iTunes. Everything ready to listen to Radiohead? YES! READY.. SET.. GO! They are amazing. I seriously started listening to their music 15 years too late. I have a lot of homework and  I found out that Radiohead is the perfect music to listen to while making homework, so I’ll be listening to them a lot this week.

I don’t really have a favourite song yet so I’ll leave you with a live version from the first song from the album OK computer and the spotify list with Dan’s favourite songs for who is interested!

Now I’m going to learn German, French and Latin for an hour and I’ll try to catch at least 7 hours of sleep. I’m so tired, I really really want to sleep in tomorrow but that isn’t going to happen because school has started again.

Bye xx

oktober 24, 2012

POEM: ‘Van Bovenen’

Ik was vandaag een beetje door mijn oude documenten heen aan het gaan en ging toen weer eens wat van mijn oude gedichten lezen. Dit is daar eentje van. Het is geen briljant gedicht, maar ik vond ‘m op zich best wel leuk. Geschreven op 4 mei 2011.



oktober 22, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY: #imaginedragonsphotos

A few days ago a friend of mine told me that the band Imagine Dragons started a competition for the video for their song “Hear Me”. You had to choose a word from the song and visualise that word in an instagram picture. Their favourite pictures will be featured in the lyric video for the song. Since we’re both big fans of the band we decided to join the competition and of course we hope we’ll get featured in the video. Here are the pictures.

(and if you like the pictures,  you can follow me on instagram! My instagram name is: IsItAlba)

This is my friend Maartje in our picture for the word ‘asleep’.

And this is me running trough the park near my house. I had to run up and down for about 10 or more times before we got a picture where I didn’t look like a little kid who was making flying gestures. Well, we still had fun making the picture! This was for the word ‘run’.

Love, Alba

oktober 16, 2012


I recently discovered Imagine Dragons and they are amazing. There’s a chance I’m going to their concert in Paradiso next month, so that would be amazing. There are a lot of things I want to talk about on my blog, cause there happened so many great things to me lately, but first: listen to this great song by Imagine Dragons.

Translation: Ik heb Imagine Dragons een tijdje geleden ontdekt en ze zijn geweldig. Ook is er een kans dat ik ze volgende maand live ga zien in Paradiso, het zou natuurlijk geweldig zijn als dat doorgaat. Er zijn heel veel super leuke dingen gebeurd afgelopen tijd en daar wil ik zeker over posten op mijn blog, maar luister eerst maar naar dit nummer van Imagine Dragons.