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mei 23, 2011

new layout! again!

Sorry guys, don’t have time for a long post, so I’m gonna show you my new creation. This time you may NOT use it for yourself, sorry. That’s why you see my name that big trough the picture.

mei 18, 2011

Beating the R A I N !

shoes: Sacha // bag: The Darling

This is what I was wearing when I was cycling trough the rain yesterday, haha. Also my first outfit posts with my ‘new’ red tap dance shoes (2/3 weeks old..)  ‘Tap dance shoes’ because someone at my school asked me if I was a tapdancer, while looking at the shoes, haha. I like them, but not everyone, as you can see.

Sorry, ik heb niet genoeg tijd voor de vertaling. Die maak ik morgen wel! #drukdrukdruk